Adoption & Fostering in Scotland
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What we do ...
St Andrew's Children's Society is a voluntary adoption and foster care agency
with bases in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
We provide adoption services in the East of Scotland from the English border to the Moray Firth.
Dumfries and Galloway, Cumbria and Northumberland are also covered in collaboration with Caritas Care.
At present we provide foster care services within a 60 mile radius of Edinburgh.
We place vulnerable and needy children with new adoptive parents.
Age range from 0 to about 10 years.

We look for couples or single people of all ages, religious and ethnic backgrounds
who may be able to offer a loving and secure home to a wide range of children.

We are always looking for people who would be prepared to parent sibling groups of children because we know how important it is to attempt to keep children from the same birth family together.
Foster Care
We provide loving and caring foster homes for children who have been traumatised by
neglectful and sometimes abusive early life experiences.

There are many children for whom adoption may not be the plan but who need to be cared
for in permanent foster families until they reach adulthood.

Adoption Support
We support and advise adopters throughout the childhood
of their adopted son or daughter and into adulthood when necessary.

We help adopted children keep in touch with their birth family when
appropriate through the exchange of information and sometimes by direct contact.

We offer counselling and support to all birth family members whose lives have been
affected by the adoption of a child.

We also offer counselling and support to adopted adults who want to understand the
circumstances of their adoption.

We support adopted adults and their birth families to trace each other when this is appropriate.

Our Safebase Parenting Programme aims to educate parents about attachment difficulties and help them better understand themselves and their children.

Pregnancy Counselling
We offer counselling and support to pregnant women considering adoption for their child.

The focus on this counselling work is to help mothers consider the best course of action for them and their child. Usually they decide that they have the strength to parent their child but occasionally we will look to place their child in an adoptive family that will best suit his or her needs.
St. Andrew's and Caritas Care, who operate in the North of England,
have agreed to co-operate to respond to enquirers from either
side of the Scotland/England border to ensure that they have
good access to a voluntary adoption agency in their area.

St. Andrew's Children Society warmly welcome enquiries
from people living in Scottish Borders, Dumfries and
Galloway, Cumbria and Northumberland.